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4.0 out of 5


Installs in minutes

Easy-to-use design

Notepad-like interface

Group jobs together for quicker estimate creation



Price: Free


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Estimate 2.01 For PC

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Estimate 2.01 Crack Free License Key PC/Windows

This field describes the products carried by the vehicle. A
product could be a service, an equipment, or a material. A
product could be internally recorded as an internal product
or as a vehicle product. The vehicle itself is also an
equipment. The products are stored in the vehicle.

This message is only sent when the vehicle is loaded or the
product is being transferred to or from a vehicle.

@see \ref BT_Vehicle_MV_PHV
@see \ref BT_Vehicle_PHV_Estimate
@see \ref BT_Vehicle_MV_PHV_Estimate
class BT_VECTOR_AND_VECTOR_V2 : public ::std::vector >


btAlignedObjectArray > m_vV;
btAlignedObjectArray > m_vV2;

BT_VECTOR_AND_VECTOR_V2() : ::std::vector >(),
unsigned int size = sizeof(void*) * 2;

BT_VECTOR_AND_VECTOR_V2( const ::bt::vector& vV,
const void* objectPtr) : ::std::vector >(),
unsigned int size = sizeof(void*) * 2;

What’s New in the?

Estimate is a web application that can be used to create accurate and detailed cost estimates for any type of project you are responsible for. It also gives you the ability to create different cost types, such as direct, indirect, indirect-overhead, overhead, total.
The application will let you create any number of job groups. The job groups can contain any number of jobs and each job can be for any amount of time. There are several cost types available, such as direct, indirect, indirect overhead, overhead and total.
You can download Estimate here:
Estimate Features:
* Create estimates
* Create prices lists and project estimates
* Create and track budgets
* Create user defined groups
* Create project groups
* Create notes, reminders and to-do lists
* Print reports
* Export project cost data to Excel
* Export all project cost data to PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV
* Backup project cost data
* Backup all project cost data
* Restore cost data from a backup
* Edit project estimates in Project and Jobs
* Edit project group
* Edit project
* Reorganize project
* Set priority levels
* Track project budget
* Tag a project as completed or closed
* Group-by project
* Group-by user
* Group-by tag
* Change project status
* Change project group
* Change project task
* Change project by:
* Change project by: Name
* Change project by: Description
* Delete projects
* Move projects
* Change project:
* Change project: Priority
* Change project: Group
* Change project: Status
* Change project: Name
* Change project: Description
* Change project: Type
* Change project: Group
* Change project: Type
* Change project: Priority
* Change project: Group
* Change project: Status
* Change project: Priority
* Change project: Group
* Change project: Status
* Change project: Type
* Change project: Group
* Change project: Type
* Change project: Priority
* Change project: Group
* Change project: Status
* Set project status
* Set project task
* Set project to-do
* Add project tasks to to-do list
* Add tasks to project
* Add tasks to project:
* Add tasks to project: Type
* Add tasks to project: Name
* Add tasks to project: Description
* Add tasks to project: Group
* Add tasks to project: Priority
* Add tasks to project: Status
* Update project task
* Update project task: Name
* Update project task: Description
* Update project task: Group
* Update project task: Priority
* Update project task: Status
* Add comments to project task
* Add projects to to-do list

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP SP3 (32bit and 64bit)
Minimum RAM: 2GB
Processor: Intel Pentium IV (2.8 GHz or higher)
Hard disk space: ~500 MB (recommended 1.5 GB)
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Official Release:
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