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“LeoMoon QuickCrypt will help you encrypt/decrypt any file you want.
It works with all major file formats, and is easy to use.
You can be sure your data is really safe because you can see and/or copy the encryption/decryption key.
You don’t need to download anything. All the installation and customization tools are built into the program.”

The process is really easy. You can use it on local files, on network drives, and even on drives that you connect with USB sticks.

You can choose to encrypt/decrypt a file or folder.

You can also choose the level of security that you want to apply to the file. You can even select your choice of encryption keys, that you want to use for protecting your data.

You can choose any file to encrypt or decrypt.

You can encrypt/decrypt the file directly to the local drive or to a network folder.

You can include encrypted/decrypted files in archives that you create.

You can have the ability to choose a key, which is used for encryption/decryption.

The application can be used with any language file (.ini,.exe,.bat).

An example of the application is included.

For users looking for a strong tool to encrypt their data, then this app should definitely be on the list of their options.

We’re not going to ask exactly why you need file encryption, but if you really want that level of protection for your data, then you should make sure that you get it done right. There are, of course, many programs that can use ciphering algorithms to scramble your data into an incomprehensible (read “encoded”) piece of information, that you can only decode by using the same algorithm (and maybe a password). But which one should you choose?
Well, LeoMoon QuickCrypt is free and seems to do its job quite well.
A lightweight, but strong encrypting tool
From the program’s main interface, you can select the file you need to encrypt. You must also choose a password to protect your data, and make sure that you write it down somewhere, because you’ll need it whenever you want to decrypt your file again.
If you look at the application’s three tabs, you’ll notice that the third one is labeled Pass Gen. When you click it, you�

LeoMoon QuickCrypt Patch With Serial Key X64 [April-2022]

LeoMoon QuickCrypt allows you to encrypt and decrypt files, but also to generate and store passwords for your files.
programsPublisher: Leomoon Software
program release date:
file type: This download is free.
file size: 17928.38KB
guid: c6f5a7bff2e4714da8133531db1d19e9

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LeoMoon QuickCrypt Crack+ Product Key Full

LeoMoon QuickCrypt is an easy to use encryption tool that encrypts/decrypts files and folders.
Wanna steal an idea from the super-fast and high-security encryption algorithm used in World of Warcraft? This is the app for you!

LeoMoon QuickCrypt is a highly advanced file encryption software developed by LeoMoon. With this program, you can easily protect your files, folders and storage media with high level encryption, and decrypt files even if you forgot the password. Also, this file encryption utility supports many data files and hidden files and folders.
Key features:
1. Store the file encryption method and password with a file (Single/Multiple Password)
2. Auto password generation support: Using Auto Password, you can generate random passwords and save them as a file.
3. Support for many data files and hidden files and folders
4. Save the encrypted file and encrypted folder as text or binary

There’s a free version available from the developer, and then the paid version. I don’t think it’s a step-up from the free version but it’s not a bad little encryption tool. I use it on the Mac with OSX Lion (10.7) and it seems to work fine. I don’t know how it compares with other commercial products (if any) but it does encrypt my most important files.–10%.

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What’s New in the LeoMoon QuickCrypt?

An application that lets you quickly encrypt, decrypt and protect files on your computer.
* Supports AES 128/192/256-bit encryption.
* Support to encrypt files to the specified folder.
* Support to create secure passwords.
* Support to change the default encryption settings.
* Support to decrypt protected files.
* Support to automatically remove the source file when encrypting.
* Support to convert files into 7 different formats.
* Can be easily integrated into your firewall.
* Can be opened from right-click menu of the file in the Explorer.
* Can be opened from Explorer context menu of the file.
* Can be opened from file properties dialog.
* Supports drag-and-drop operations.
* Supports 64-bit in Windows Vista.
* Supports international languages.
* Supports password protection.
* Supports making the protected file a link.
* Supports password creating option.
* Supports password editing option.
* Supports password recovery option.
* Supports password selecting option.
* Supports reading and writing to the disk at the same time.
* Supports screen capture.
* Supports 8 languages.
* Supports mouse and keyboard events.
* Supports monitor events.
* Supports the clipboard.
* Supports the text selection.
* Supports the temporary files.
* Supports the toolbars.
* Supports Windows Explorer context menu.
* Supports Windows Explorer right-click menu.
* Supports Wi-Fi.
* Supports wireless LAN.
* Supports logging errors.
* Supports application tray icon.
* Supports taskbar notification icon.
* Supports volume hotkeys.
* Supports keyboard and mouse keys.
* Supports Windows NT domain environment.
* Supports Windows 7/Vista/2000 and XP.
* Supports Windows 7/Vista.
* Supports Windows 2000.
* Supports Windows 98/ME.
* Supports the Internet.
* Supports the ftp protocol.
* Supports the http protocol.
* Supports the ntfs/fuse module.
* Supports the smb protocol.
* Supports the ssh protocol.
* Supports the webdav protocol.
* Supports the zip protocol.
* Supports the IBM TSM.
* Supports the DB-9/DB-25 connectors.
* Supports the MTP/MIDI (modeling) connectors.
* Supports custom drivers.
* Supports virtual modes.
* Supports the encryption hardware keys.
* Supports the encryption software keys.
* Supports the password generator.
* Supports the AES-based standard (commonly known as AES).
* Supports the Vernam algorithm.
* Supports the Blowfish algorithm.
* Supports the cast6 algorithm.
* Supports the TWOFISH algorithm.
* Supports the VIA algorithm.
* Supports the ARC4 algorithm.
* Supports the Trivium Algorithm.


System Requirements For LeoMoon QuickCrypt:

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (64-bit).
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
2GB RAM (4GB recommended).
80MB available hard drive space for installation.
DirectX 9c compatible video card.
Internet connection to download the game data.
All information required for the game to run is provided on the disc. For more information on required system specifications, please visit the Hardware Requirements page.
The product description may contain some language that may be unsuitable for children.
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