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List Custom Actions is a SharePoint component that was especially tailored for developers who wish to enhance the functionality of SharePoint and integrate in their projects new menus.
This web part can be used for generating SharePoint list menus which have customizable actions. The great thing about List Custom Actions is that it doesn’t require advanced knowledge to create such menus.







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List Custom Actions Torrent Download is the SharePoint component which allows you to create your own custom menus.
This is done by adding your own menu item to the SharePoint Web Part menu (or list of menus), and then adding custom actions to the generated menu (for example, to automatically update a list of records from a web service).
The actions are added in such a way that they can easily be edited or removed at any time. To get a menu with your custom actions, no code is required. All you have to do is to simply add your menu into the existing menu, and then add your own custom actions to this menu.
There are two main features to the component.
The first is that it’s fully customizable. You can edit the generated menu in any way you see fit, for example, by adding your own menu items, or removing the default SharePoint ones.
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* You can change the name of the generated action and description by using the SharePoint Client Side Object Model.
* You can add icon for the action which will be shown on the generated menu.
* Menu generation is not time consuming. In fact the whole menu will be generated based on your custom actions and definitions.
It is very easy to add List Custom Actions to your web part:

1. Right-click the List Custom Actions web part and select Insert >> List Custom Actions
2. In the Insert dialog, select Custom action.
3. In the Custom Action dialog, navigate to the list that you wish to generate menu for.
4. In the Custom action tab, you can define the action you want to be displayed on the list menu.

How to add List Custom Actions to the Site Navigation:

1. Open the navigation properties for the current list.
2. Right-click the navigation property and select Insert >> List Custom Actions
3. In the Insert dialog, select Custom action.
4. In the Custom Action dialog, select the action you want to be displayed on the navigation.
5. Click OK.

If you want to use List Custom Actions web part on multiple lists, in that case you need to add these web parts to the master page instead of adding them to each list. You can do this by adding the web part to the header.


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With List Custom Actions, developers can provide a new user experience by creating custom menu options. These custom menu options include links to internal and external pages.
This component is not meant to be an alternative to existing page-level custom actions. Developers can use this web part as an alternative to the standard SharePoint page-level custom actions.
1. Developers want to create new menus for a SharePoint list.
2. Developers choose a new custom action name.
3. Developers add a URL for this action.
4. Developers choose the type of menu item (HTML) they want to display for this action.
5. Developers choose the menu that they want to be displayed.
6. Developers check the custom action, and click Save.
7. The menu options are created and added to the list menu.
This web part requires the ULS log to work correctly. For more information, see the Event Logs item in the Deployment tab.

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What’s New In List Custom Actions?

This feature provides a great support for add new SharePoint List custom actions. You can create a new SharePoint list and add the list custom actions in the menu list. The list custom actions are generated in the custom menu which you can customize according to your requirement.


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